Qualitative Research Recruitment


We use a high quality recruitment process, and our bilingual recruiters are constantly trained in order to be capable of understanding the objectives that are required to have a successful marketing study.

We have vast experience in different U.S. cities recruiting women, men, teenagers and seniors for different types of marketing studies.

Recruting for:

  • In-Person Focus Groups, Mini Groups Triads, Dyads, etc.
  • Shop A Longs
  • One-On-One Interviews
  • Teleconferences Groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Virtial Meeting
  • Home Usability
  • Neuromarketing Lab
  • Mystery Shopping

              Quantitative Research Services


Wherever, Whenever, However!!encuesta

Our company is capable of handling a high volume of interviews every week. Our bilingual interviewers are highly trained in survey processes.

Wherever, Whenever, However, our experience allow us to complete surveys in paper, laptop/desktop, smartphone, tablets, and audio.

Online or onsite so the geographical area is not an inconvenience.

  • Our Services Include:
  • Mall Intercepts
  • Door-to-Door Interviewing
  • Store Interviewing
  • Phone Interviewing
  • Email Interviewing
  • Taste Test
  • In-Store Product Demonstrations
  • Onsite & In-Store Intercepts